About Us

Even our friends and fellow booklovers have looked at us with worried expressions and asked, "Are you insane!?!" Well, call us crazy, but we believe that a city with such a rich literary tradition (think Agee and McCarthy to name only the most famous) can -- and will -- support an independent bookstore in downtown Knoxville.
Yes, we know, Amazon with its discounts and tax-free sales is just a click away. Yes, we know plenty of Knoxvillians who are happily reading on their Kindles, nooks, and IPads. BUT, you can't get a Kindle signed by the author, you can't discuss a book recommendation with a live person at Amazon, and you can't actually browse through virtual bookshelves! A teenage booklover, recently exposed to the harsh realities of the current bookmarket, was incredulous when told that people buy books online these days. "What fun is that?" he asked.
Exactly. What fun is that? Can an online purchase ever give you the rush of gratification that comes when you walk out of a bookstore, book in arm, smile on face, knowing that the book you carry just might change the way you look at the world -- or at least make you laugh at it?
Maybe part of the reason brick-and-mortar stores have a tough time in today's market is that most folks just don't take the time to browse anymore. To make it easier, we've located the store downtown so that people can treat themselves to a few minutes away from their desks to browse among our shelves, ask for recommendations from sellers who know something about the books they sell, get a tactile thrill from handling a beautiful book, and take one home to enjoy at the end of a long day.
For those not chained to a desk all day, come hang out, talk to like-minded people, explore new ideas, meet authors, and take away something that inspires -- or simply entertains you. We'll help you find it.
Need a birthday or baby shower gift? We've got those, too.


517 Union Ave - Knoxville, TN 37902 - 865.951.2180