I Cry: Guidance, Meditation, Healing for Mastectomy (Paperback)

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Breast Cancer Awareness is known. Breast Cancer education is overlooked. Breast cancer is about a pink ribbon celebration annually with walks and donations and corny reposted messages. What the book I Cry is about is the one, on-the-court experience, the as lived experience of the journey, the pain, the questions that come with the initial diagnosis of breast cancer by the author. It is an attempt to bring to life the many facets of the disease and what women could go through on their journey. And more importantly, the book is crafted through a visual medium that allows for the message to be heard newly. The art is all created from Judy-Lee's library of photography being digitally fused to create a new world that speaks to the soul, the essence of who we are as women, men and humans going through an unspeakable and unexplainable journey. Sometimes art speaks louder than words can and this is where the book allows for the unspoken to be spoken.

Each piece evokes an emotion personal to the reader and is guided with meditative quotes and a possible way to contribute to the person going through and experiencing breast cancer. The author understands that most people want to contribute and yet most people don't know the best way to make the kind of difference they really want to make and don't have the words to express their ultimate love and concern.

Hopefully this book will bring people closer to asking questions and engage in honest conversations around breast cancer and what fears they are dealing with.

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ISBN: 9780578777207
ISBN-10: 0578777207
Publisher: New Life Clarity Publishing
Publication Date: April 2nd, 2021
Pages: 138
Language: English