Escaping Emotional Abuse: Healing from the Shame You Don't Deserve (Paperback)

Escaping Emotional Abuse: Healing from the Shame You Don't Deserve By Beverly Engel Cover Image

Escaping Emotional Abuse: Healing from the Shame You Don't Deserve (Paperback)


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The world-renowned therapist and author of the groundbreaking self-help classic, The Emotionally Abusive Relationship, delves into the most destructive and powerful weapon of the abuser: shame. And reveals its most powerful antidote...

In The Emotionally Abused Woman, therapist Beverly Engel introduced the concept of emotional abuse, one of the most subtle, yet devastating forms of abuse within a relationship. Now Engel exposes the most destructive technique the abuser uses to break our spirit and gain control--and guides readers on how to free themselves from the shame that can keep them from the life (and the love) they deserve.

Emotionally abused people are gradually stripped of self-esteem, dignity, and humanity--making them feel unworthy and utterly powerless to escape. But they possess a potent tool with which to combat shame: self-compassion. In these pages, Engel shows how to access it. Using her highly effective Shame Reduction Program, she helps readers jumpstart the process of recovery by offering specific steps to help heal, regain self-confidence--and ultimately become empowered enough to leave--for good.

An invaluable resource for both men and women who suffer from emotional abuse, as well as therapists and advocates, Escaping Emotional Abuse is a supportive, nurturing guide for anyone seeking to break the chains of shame, and gain the emotional freedom to create healthier, lasting relationships.
Beverly Engel is an internationally recognized therapist with expertise in emotional abuse, women's issues, relationships, and sexuality. She has been a practicing psychotherapist for thirty-five years, and is the author of 22 books, including the bestsellers The Emotionally Abusive Relationship and The Emotionally Abused Woman. Beverly has regularly contributed to O Magazine and Psychology Today, and has been featured in newspapers and magazines, including The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, Cosmopolitan, Ladies Home Journal, and Shape. She has appeared on national television and radio in the US and Canada, including Oprah and CNN. She is considered one of the world's leading experts on the issue of emotional abuse, as well as a pioneer on the issue, having written one of the first recovery books on the subject. She can be found online at or
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Publisher: Citadel
Publication Date: December 29th, 2020
Pages: 368
Language: English
"An extremely informative and comprehensive guide to understanding and overcoming emotional abuse. Beverly Engel gives you all the information you need to stop blaming yourself and get control of your life back."
Lundy Bancroft, author of Why Does He Do That?
"A warm, compassionate, and incredibly insightful guide through the recovery journey. Engel's words are a powerful antidote to the seemingly unshakeable shame that comes from emotional abuse. There is hope, healing, and wisdom to be found on every page."
Jackson MacKenzie, author of Psychopath Free
"I highly recommend this book for anyone—female or male—who suspects they are being emotionally abused. I especially appreciate the information on how emotional abuse can be shaming, which is dangerous to a person’s self-esteem and sense of self."
Randi Kreger, co-author of Stop Walking on Eggshells and author of The Essential Guide to Borderline Personality Disorder

“Written with love and expertise, Escaping Emotional Abuse is a comprehensive and compassionate guidebook for victims of abuse. It provides a roadmap to healing from the entanglement of shame and abuse that imprisons victims and binds them to perpetrators.”
—Darlene Lancer, LMFT, author of Conquering Shame and Codependency

Praise for Beverly Engel's previous books

"Engel doesn't just describe—he shows us a way out."
—Susan Forward, author of Emotional Blackmail

"This groundbreaking book succeeds in helping people stop emotional abuse...Its unique focus on the dynamic relationship makes it more likely that each person will grasp the tools for change and really use them."
—Randi Kreger, author of The Stop Walking on Eggshells Workbook

"Beverly Engel clearly and with caring offers step-by-step strategies to stop emotional abuse."
—Marti Loring, PhD, author of Emotional Abuse