Guitar for Kids: First Steps in Learning to Play Guitar with Audio & Video (Paperback)

Guitar for Kids: First Steps in Learning to Play Guitar with Audio & Video By Gareth Evans Cover Image
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This is the Black and White interior version. The Colour version is ISBN 978-0-9569547-2-5

Guitar For Kids is a fun guide on the first steps of learning to play Guitar with over 70 photographic examples, purpose-made diagrams and cartoons. Starting with advice on buying your first guitar, how to hold the guitar and how to tune it, the music then begins with easy-to-play melodies using only open strings (open strings means only the plucking hand is used), before moving to simple pieces in which the fretting hand is also used. The book goes into detail for some basic techniques because you're better off getting it right from the start rather than develop bad habits.

- Tablature Based

Guitar for Kids uses mostly guitar tablature making this popular instrument more easily accessible for beginners (as do most adult guitar method books). The rhythmical aspect of Sight-reading is covered within the Chords section which eases-in the later Sight-reading section because the only new thing to learn will be reading different notes from the musical staff.

- Audio & Video

Guitar for Kids comes with 47 downloadable audio tracks with musical pieces in styles such as Rock, Blues, Pop, Flamenco, Jazz and Reggae. Each piece has a full band demo track and accompanying backing track with guitar part removed for you to play over. The songs also have video examples.

- What Else?

EZ chords are covered (easy chords with less notes) and are accompanied with diagrams of the full versions for later on, or if you feel like a challenge. There's an introduction to Power chords with Rock pieces to play named after healthy greens "Broccolli Rockilly" and "Rocket Salad". There's a Blues and Rock duet with backing band tracks to play with a friend, and at the end there is a Quiz, no cheating

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ISBN: 9780992834395
ISBN-10: 0992834392
Publisher: Intuition Publications
Publication Date: August 20th, 2016
Pages: 36
Language: English