In Defense of Dinah: Coming Out of the Shadow of Shame (Paperback)

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The book, "In Defense of Dinah: Coming Out of the Shadow of Shame" deals with the issue of victim-blaming by looking at the rape of a biblical character named Dinah. (Genesis 34) It is a demand for respect and claiming the honor of women. The goal is to target and provoke the community. I believe the church needs to take the lead in shifting attitudes towards rape victims by becoming more sensitive. The bad habit of victim-blaming needs to end. All it does is victimize them twice. Too many rape victims have been blamed for what happened to them and it's not right.

The purpose of this book is to bring awareness to the impact of rape and prayerfully provide help for leading you or someone you love out of a state of despair. As you recover, we will look at some practical steps you can take and expose you to the warmth and tender love of your Father God. This book looks at the author's personal story and her experience of working through the healing process. It also highlights the many challenges it presents. This book is unique in that it deals with the issue of subtle and outright victim-blaming from the perspective of a documented case of long ago, namely Dinah from the Bible.

Rape survivors will read this book. The family members and friends of someone that was assaulted will share this book. Law enforcement, health care providers, crisis counseling providers will want this book as well. Faith-based organizations may want to use this book for their study groups as well as outreach ministry leaders. After reading this book, a person may come away with a sense of hope. Thought tools and practical life applications offered in this book may help turn confusion into clarity for their next steps. This message will bring the reader to a place of rest by pointing them to the only One who can give complete peace and rest and that is our Almighty Creator. With over 30 years of dealing with the many phases of the healing process, the author's own experience qualifies her to speak about the subject from a position of strength. Her life as it is now is evidence that regaining wholeness and healing is possible.

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ISBN: 9780999866542
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Publisher: Lori R Johnson
Publication Date: July 15th, 2019
Pages: 68
Language: English