Horned Jack: Never Say Never (Paperback)

Horned Jack: Never Say Never By M. R. Williamson Cover Image

Horned Jack: Never Say Never (Paperback)


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Munford is a small town with big problems. A car-jacking ring steals anything with wheels. Cattle are found mutilated. Strange sounds and lights rattle the night sky. And a huge creature with red eyes is going around attacking people.

But Munford is also a town with a shapeshifting deputy sheriff named Jack. He's a Nephilim-a Watcher-who uses his powers to protect the townsfolk. On the surface, he's quite a nice-looking young man with a family. He has a pit bull named Banjo. But he also has Woo, a little bat-girl who can "see" things he can't, and an adviser who's a shaman. And when Jack's eyes turn red, criminals beware. Even those in the government. Even those who come from...outer space.

Product Details ISBN: 9781087955582
ISBN-10: 1087955580
Publisher: Hiraethsff
Publication Date: May 19th, 2021
Pages: 260
Language: English