True Crime and Astrology (Paperback)

True Crime and Astrology By Garrett Campbell (Introduction by), Garrett Campbell Cover Image
By Garrett Campbell (Introduction by), Garrett Campbell
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Ever wonder if the heavens act in synchronicity with physical events happening on the Earth? This book attempts to do just that - analyzing crimes. Astrology is a language all to it's own and to read a birth chart is to see correspondences in the symbolism in that chart pertaining to life on Earth. Using this language, the author attempts to find explanations to crimes that continue to baffle and mystify us. What were the alignments in the heavens when these crimes were committed? Zodiac Murders JFK Assassination DB Cooper's Jump Jimmy Hoffa's Disappearance The John List Massacre Jack the Ripper's Crime Spree The Death of George Reeves Cynthia Anderson Disappearance The author takes a look at possible motives and solutions to famous crimes using astrology. Brief descriptions are also included in the first part of the book explaining what Astrology is and how it works. (without charts - charts available in Kindle version)

About the Author

Garrett Campbell (1979 - ) was born in Toronto, Canada to parents of Scottish, Irish, Italian and German decent. At the age of two, he moved North to the town of North Bay in Ontario with his family; where he presently lives. He has been writing poetry and non-fiction now for over fifteen years. In 2004 Garrett received an Editor's Choice award for outstanding achievement in poetry from and the International Library of Poetry. In 2006, Garrett received his certified 'Credentials of Ministry' from the Universal Life Church. His work has appeared on numerous online blogs and forums including two anthologies; Making Waves: A Book of Little Known Poetry (Swyers Publishing) and Stars in Our Hearts (soon to be released - Library of Congress ISBN 978-1-60880-123-7).

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