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Most of Gann's books and courses were written in a veiled language as said by the trading community. What this means is he buried his techniques in his courses. It's there, but the reader has to read and reread his material several times to get anything of trading value out of it. Gann's material is extremely complicated and the trader must have a strong background in mathematics to full benefit from it. Some experts think that he did not put in the books and courses what he really traded with, even though the price of the courses was an unbelievable $3500 at the time he sold them. Converted into today's prices, it would be equivalent to $50,000. He kept the good trading secrets for himself or for those few who could afford to pay him the asking price of $100,000. One of the trading methods that Gann kept to himself was the use of Pythagorean Square. He also kept secret the hexagon and the circle charts. He went to the land of the Pyramids to study the Pythagorean Square to find its secrets. It's believe that he found someone over there who explained how it worked and how it could be used in the markets. We know that Gann used the Pythagorean Square because he was found carrying it with him into the trading pit all the time. This square was hidden in the palm of his hand. How did he use this square? Why did he not discuss the use of this square in his courses? There is only one page covering the Square of Nine in all of his books and courses. Was this square his most valuable tool? These and all the other squares Gann used will be discussed in detail in this book with many illustrations and examples to prove how they work. It almost seems that Gann kept the secret of how to use these charts to himself for two reasons: these charts tell the real mysteries behind the market; and if other traders knew how to use these master charts, it might have hurt his trading. Also included in this book are many of the archived articles previously written in the Gann and Elliott Wave and Traders World magazine on the Square of Nine. These articles are included so you can get a different viewpoint from experts in the field. ...It is just like a professional athlete, he trains over and over again and when he is out on the field he doesn't have to think when he plays, it becomes automatic. You too, must train over and over again using these methods with historical data before you are ready to go out on the field to play or trade.

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