Missing: the buried faces (Paperback)

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By Mikhael
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A DEA agent while pursuing one of the most powerful warlords gets entangle in an international trafficking ring. Frank sat down and was trying to release another ruby from his bag when the general stopped him. "Today the monk dies. You have upset a lot of people. This is not your business. We have to fix everything. " Frank realized that by "fixing everything" Khun Sa meant discouraging any further attempt to disrupt the hideous traffic in children's lives. Killing Somchai was going to let everyone else know that the general meant business. "The monk has nothing to do with it," Frank insisted. "I just used him as a guide. Please understand, those are helpless children...." "One more word and I kill you too," threatened the general, his finger in the air. He barked an order to the two guards, and then turned to Frank. "Go say bye-bye to your friend," he said with a cynical smile. The guards pulled Frank from the floor and dragged him to another tent.

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ISBN: 9781537444758
ISBN-10: 1537444751
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 1st, 2016
Pages: 252
Language: English