Swing for the Fences: From Debt to Wealth in 7 Steps (Hardcover)

Swing for the Fences: From Debt to Wealth in 7 Steps Cover Image


From being $250,000 in the red to a portfolio north of seven million dollars, Jason Bond built a successful career as a swing trading mentor and trader by realizing two things: He was not satisfied with his previous financial situation as a teacher, and he knew he had to go all in to leave the status quo behind.

His steps to financial freedom will teach you how to develop a "winners mindset" and gives readers the necessary tools to become successful stock market swing traders. His advice is authentic, actionable, and is not sugar-coated. The possible upside of swing trading is explained, along with the pitfalls to avoid--the kind that can blow up an investor's trading account.

From managing the effects of emotion and greed to learning how to position yourself to begin swing trading, Jason outlines the entire process, using his skills as a professional educator to start you on a path to the kind of wealth you envision.

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ISBN: 9781619617995
ISBN-10: 1619617994
Publisher: Lioncrest Publishing
Publication Date: December 5th, 2017
Pages: 120
Language: English