Paper Poetry: The Finest Collection of Words That You'll Serenade (Paperback)

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A world beyond someone's imaginations will be as fascinating as a dream that evokes a heart without any fear. Two hearts won the meaning of love. Their hearts know how a broken story will keep revolving around them if they do not put forward their love for each other. We all need someone to mend us a rightful place inside their heart. We need someone to guide us a way out of darkness and heal the wounds of a broken innermost self.A man presenting his confessions in the form of a perpetual love trek with the power of such adoring words. Describing his pain meanwhile, teaching us how to love and conquer.His heart broke, had nothing to offer and nothing to say. A right person in vacancy of his heart proved to be the emotions in his journey.You can only love a woman if you respect women. Learning about their place and importance in anyone's life, the words that presents a broken side of a women helps us to respect them better and leave an animal inside us behind. Every emotion human is made up of can be understood by the power of a breathing poetry.It's now just about love, it's about finding a place in this society where we can learn to respect beliefs of people. Powerful snippets and heart breaking microtales that tell us to be thankful for whatever we have inside our mind.

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ISBN: 9781729531945
ISBN-10: 1729531946
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: October 20th, 2018
Pages: 44
Language: English