Street Art Tel Aviv: In a Time of Transition. Curated, photographed and introduced by Lord K2 and Lois Stavsky (Paperback)

Street Art Tel Aviv: In a Time of Transition. Curated, photographed and introduced by Lord K2 and Lois Stavsky Cover Image


Distinctly unique, Tel Aviv’s street art represents a wide spectrum of cultural backgrounds and aesthetic sensibilities. Echoing the uncertainty that permeates Israel’s daily existence, it possesses a rawness and energy found in few modern cities. Through more than 250 images, 14 artist profiles, and comprehensive research, Street Art Tel Aviv introduces the reader to an alternative visual culture that has developed and thrived at a time when the city’s building exteriors are plentiful, and living and work spaces are still available to emerging artists. At the turn of the 21st century, Tel Aviv’s gritty streets, particularly those in southern industrial neighborhoods, began to host a motley array of spectral faces, uncanny figures, and curious characters. Random graffiti, from scrawls on the walls to stylized letters, made their way into largely vacant spaces. Artistic renderings of band-aids, hearts, and eggplants evolved into iconic city images. Poetic expressions and musings—from the personal to the collective—surfaced increasingly on Tel Aviv’s flat facades. And while much of what is painted directly onto the walls avoids commenting on the city’s precarious political state, the stencils that continue to surface—often stealthily in the dark—alert us to the city’s seemingly irresolvable, ever-present external and internal conflicts. Street Art Tel Aviv also gives entry into Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station, Israel’s largest indoor urban art gallery. Showcasing murals in a diverse range of styles, painted directly onto its walls by local, national, and international artists since 2013, it is a favorite site for street art and contemporary art enthusiasts. Herewith the opportunity to explore this vibrant city’s visual landscape at a time of transition for both the city itself and for this new visual art genre.

About the Author

Lord K2 is an award-winning photographer who specialises in ethnography. He is the author of Street Art Santiago and Tokyo Graffiti. Lois Stavsky is a renowned educator and oral historian. She curated the first US exhibition featuring Israeli street artists and has facilitated workshops on urban art worldwide.

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ISBN: 9781789761337
ISBN-10: 1789761336
Publisher: Sussex Academic Press
Publication Date: June 1st, 2021
Pages: 240
Language: English