The Fireball Express: Sudden terror creeps from below! (Paperback)

The Fireball Express: Sudden terror creeps from below! By Lorne Spencer Hrabia Cover Image
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Hitler's war is coming to an end, but his desire for world domination will not cease with the fall of Berlin, for deep in the depths of the earth and far beneath Antarctica's ice, plans for another war are brewing.

From Berlin to Venezuela and then on to Antarctica, a convoy of German submarines carry their most treasured cargo, the Fuhrer, a secret prototype and the materials for a new deadly fighting machine.

The free world hears of another possible world war, which comes to the attention of Frank Bronson. Having left the army shortly before WWII ended, he is once again called upon by his country to head up a secret mission at the bottom of the world.

Futuristic weapons, alien guardians, romance, deception and murder, combined with the coordination and deployment of specialized fighting forces, descend into the depths of the ice to confront yet another world threat

Product Details
ISBN: 9781913833435
ISBN-10: 1913833437
Publisher: Mirador Publishing
Publication Date: January 6th, 2021
Pages: 544
Language: English