Apology Engine (Paperback)

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Moving between ever-proliferating expressions of public and private remorse, Cameron Quan Louie's APOLOGY ENGINE explores moral responsibility, memory, and identity through the fragile, spiraling machinery of the prose poem. Apologies to pets, family members, nations, dissected squids, and famous songs form the circuitry of a collection that asks us to reconsider gendered symbols and aesthetic approaches, as it examines how personal and cultural apologies are interconnected, how they can become tools of control, how they can lose their power to heal, and why we might need to continue making them anyway. What apologies need to be made these days? Who needs to make the apologies, and what happens once they do? APOLOGY ENGINE works its way into the gears of these questions, breaking them apart in the search for an elusive answer.

Poetry. Asian & Asian American Studies.

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ISBN: 9781938900419
ISBN-10: 1938900413
Publisher: Gold Line Press
Publication Date: May 1st, 2022
Pages: 27
Language: English