Stunt Water: Selected Poems of Buddy Wakefield, 1991-2011 (Paperback)

Stunt Water: Selected Poems of Buddy Wakefield, 1991-2011 Cover Image


Stunt Water is Wakefield's first 20 years of spoken word and lyrics collected from his original three now out-of-print books. It is a vulnerable cross section of his writing that moves from disarmingly human to sudden bursts of beast, able to seamlessly blend back into grounded stories of humor, heartache and identity using crisp, innovative and unforgettable metaphors. If you can only buy one Buddy Wakefield book, this collection is the most comprehensive of his most compelling works to date. His craft mimics the intrigue of propellers when they make themselves invisible. Buddy's honest story is a one-man relay race to the light; that of a boy at gentleman practice who sometimes wants to blend in so badly he forgets his purpose has already arrived and there is no need to fight a war that's long been over. The reader must be prepared for the recurring nightmares from which Buddy wakes up only to realize that whatever supposedly awful thing was stalking him was actually just trying to help.

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ISBN: 9781938912580
ISBN-10: 1938912586
Publisher: Write Bloody Publishing
Publication Date: October 1st, 2015
Pages: 180
Language: English