As the Sycamore Grows: A Hidden Cabin, the Bible, and a .38 (Paperback)

As the Sycamore Grows: A Hidden Cabin, the Bible, and a .38 By Jennie Miller Helderman Cover Image

As the Sycamore Grows: A Hidden Cabin, the Bible, and a .38 (Paperback)


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"Helderman chronicles a woman's journey from battered wife to advocate for victims of spousal abuse in this nonfiction work...At times a difficult read, but the humanity and McNeil's indomitable spirit shine through." -Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

A cabin behind a padlocked gate, no power, no phone, only Revelation and a .38-a true story of abuse, loss, redemption and hope, which winds from south Texas to a sycamore tree in Tennessee. Mike escaped his father's fists, but years later glimpsed himself in his father's casket. Ginger named the sycamore tree for Trent. It grew slowly-like independence. This is Ginger's story, and Mike's yet it didn't begin with them. Mike shoved and slapped but his primary tools were isolation and economic abuse, until he discovered the power of the Lord. Veteran journalist Jennie Miller Helderman's harrowing nonfiction narrative is about ending the legacy of abuse. Ginger McNeil was brought up to pray and obey, but she escaped the padlocked cabin in the woods where she lived with her two young sons off the land with no electricity or telephone. In interviews, her ex-husband Mike admitted the abuse, held no remorse, and said he would do it all again. "God made women to serve," he said. "It's their job." Jennie interviewed both Ginger and Mike, their families, friends, ex-spouses, and others. Threading through the story is loss: the alienation of families, a spiritual void from betrayal by their church, and the death of the son Ginger had abandoned. This special updated edition-winner of six literary awards-updates the story of Ginger, who became a court-appointed advocate and partnered with Jennie to speak frequently about how to help those with violent partners. It also provides resources for domestic violence. Most of all, "As the Sycamore Grows" offers hope.

Product Details ISBN: 9781950495337
ISBN-10: 1950495337
Publisher: Lucid House Publishing LLC
Publication Date: May 2nd, 2023
Pages: 380
Language: English