True Crime Case Histories - Volume 4: 12 Disturbing True Crime Stories (Paperback)

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12 True Crime Stories of Murder & Mayhem

Fourth Book of the True Crime Case Histories Series (2020)

If you've read the previous volumes of the True Crime Case Histories series, you know that I like to start with a brief word of warning. The stories included in this book are truly depraved and shocking. They are not for the squeamish. Many true crime television shows and news articles often leave out the gruesome details, simply because they may be too much for the average viewer or reader. With my books, I try not to leave out the details no matter how vicious they may have been. My intention is not to shock, but to provide a clear and accurate description of some of the most evil minds of the world. Though the stories are brief, I do my best to include enough detail so that the reader can get a better look into the demented mind of the killer.

This volume features twelve of the most incomprehensible stories of the last sixty years. Trying to understand the motivation behind murders like these can be an exercise in futility. But one thing is for sure, - the stories in this volume will keep you turning pages.

Volume 4 features: longer stories, more photos, three bonus chapters, and an online appendix with additional photos, videos, and documents.

In this book you'll learn about a story that has haunted me since I was a little kid growing up in southwest Washington. I lived a normal American life where I could ride my bike around my small town from dusk till dawn without a care in the world. When I was twelve years old, a boy in my neighborhood just a year older than myself disappeared and was later found murdered. At the time I didn't know many of the details, but after researching the story all these years later and realizing that monsters like Tommy Ragan

A sampling of the additional stories include:

The Broomstick Killer: The Texas Penal System failed to protect the people of Texas by releasing a brutal killer of three teenagers. As a result he killed as many as eleven more women.

Body in the Bag: A young man obsessed with the macabre listened to the voices in his head when his teenage girlfriend dumped him. Authorities found her eight weeks later stuffed inside a duffel bag.

The Copper Gulch Killer: A sixteen-year-old prodigy child is found with five gunshots from three different guns, but police are convinced there was only one killer. Ten years later crime scene evidence is found in an abandoned storage locker.

Zack and Addie: A young New Orleans couple are featured in the New York Times when they refused to leave their French Quarter home during Hurricane Katrina. One year later they're both dead with body parts found on the stove and in the fridge.

The Incest Killer: Katie Fusco learned she she was adopted when she was eighteen. Within a year she was married to her biological father and pregnant with his child. When authorities force them apart, everybody dies.

The Kicevo Monster: The story of the newspaper reporter that kidnapped, tortured, and butchered women that resembled his mother, then wrote stories of the killings in his newspaper articles.

Plus five more disturbing stories.

The stories in this volume are revolting and disconcerting, but they're true. These things really happen in the world. Though we will never fully understand the criminal mind, at least we can be better informed.

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