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There have been more than five hundred review articles on William Marr's poetry written by poets, critics and scholars from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Chinese Mainland, Southeast Asia and North America. The following is a list of brief quotes from some of these articles:

A master of lyrical layers along with the beauty and brevity of his Chinese heritage, he enhances his skill with the spontaneity and flavor of his adopted American homeland. His humor, insight and tenderness are universal. His control of such rich ingredients is sure-handed.
-- Glenna Holloway, founding president of the Illinois State Poetry Society,
author of Never Far from Water and Other Love Stories

Each (poem) is a window opening onto beauty and fluency. There is every shade of happiness and sadness, anger and peace.... Their effortless renderings of a civilized mind in touch with an often mad world are part of their mystery.
-- Li-Young Lee, author of Rose and The City in Which I Love You

Verse has never been freer, yet strong discipline is at work.... The human spectrum visible in Autumn Window will make readers nod, smile and perhaps wipe an eye.
--Chicago Tribune

Collectible Chicago poets, one finds, start with Eugene Field, Carl Sandburg, Edgar, Lee Masters, Harriet Monroe, Gwendolyn Brooks, Ana Castillo, David Hernandez, Li-Young Lee, William Wei-Yi Marr, and a raft of more recent poets....
-- Collecting Chicago Poetry by Kenan Heise, AB BOOKMAN'S WEEKLY

Modern Chinese Poetry from TaiwanColumbia University Press
"From so many poems I've read, I would pick this one (William Marr's A Snowy Day) as the most direct, pure, colloquial, clear, simple and witty. This is poetry, the best and the truest kind of poetry."
-- Lin Heng-Tai, poet and critic

"With fewer than 30 words, William Marr was able to pack so many complex meanings into his poem, Night Flute, giving full play to the density of modern Chinese word usage. For a linear or sequential essay, it would require at least 100 words."
-- Chang Han Liang, professor and critic

"It has always been a pleasant surprise to see William Marr's usage of the most ordinary objects to seek the breakthrough of meaning in his poetry."
-- Hsiao Hsiao, professor and critic

"You will be absorbed in his poetry from the title to the last line. You will smile unknowingly, or be greatly touched. The feeling is pure intellectual, or even scientific, without a trace of sentimentalism. I love his poetry with such admirable characteristics."
-- Chen Chien Wu, poet

"His concise yet highly symbolic poetry, with a deep sense of humanity, adds a new dimension to the rich tradition of Chinese poetry.... He bridges the gap between new and old, and between East and West."
-- Hong Kong Literature Monthly

"Unquestionably among the best contemporary Chinese poets.... He is unique and without peer in the arena of short poems."
-- Huaxia Poetry

"William Marr's poetry expresses deep concern towards society and life through cool philosophical thoughts. Through] the unification of reality and trans-reality, ...he is able to integrate the spirit of provincialism with modern poetic techniques."
--Li Yuan-Luo, critic

"Among the works of contemporary well-known Taiwanese poets, I feel that William Marr's poetry possesses the strongest internationalism.... His work has unique artistic features -- a good combination of science and literature, powerful explosiveness, deep and profound themes, and forceful satire. The poetry of William Marr is exceptionally rich and grand."
--Gu Ji-Tang, scholar and critic

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