Consignment Form

We've updated our policy for accepting self-published/small press consignment titles as of January 2019. If you would like to submit a book to be sold in our store please note the following stipulations before submitting the attached form. You must submit your book to this form before we will consider putting your book in stock. 

Book Submission Stipulations:

We can only accept books on consignment from Knoxville-area authors.

We can't guarantee that any copies you bring in will be returned.

We can only stock two copies if your book is accepted. 

We reserve the right to display consignment books at our discretion. Because of limited shelf space, we can not guarantee that your book will be displayed. 

We encourage you to direct people to our store to purchase, but you may not manipulate your book's placement on our shelves. 

We check consignment sales on a quarterly basis and send out payments at that time. If your book is out of stock, you must bring in additional copies to be sold. We will not alert you when they are sold out. 

If your book has not sold in 6 months, you can come and retrieve your copies.

Our standard consignment split is 60 (you)/ 40 (us). You can set the retail price wherever you like. 


Thanks for your submission!

Union Ave Books Staff


Union Ave Books - Book Submission Form